Unique Features
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5-2-11 Smart Keyboard
GIGABYTE Smart Keyboard allows you to set your own hotkeys using the F1 through F12 keys. You can use the
all of which helps to make the most out of your keyboard and mouse.
The Smart Keyboard Interface
Using Smart Keyboard
Marco Key:
Allows you to assign key strokes to the selected key, or use the key to record mouse location, or set time
interval between each keystroke.
Sniper Key:
Using this option, you can switch the mouse sensitivity when you are in sniper mode for better sniper accuracy.
Smart Cut:
Allows you to 
Smart Key:
Allows you to give the selected key the ability to replace to a word or password.
Allows you to disable the functionality of particular key(s).
After completing the settings, make sure to click Enable keyboard monitor function on the top right corner.
 
(Note) It is recommended that Smart Keyboard be closed if it violates the end user license agreement of your
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