Unique Features
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5-2-13 Smart HUD
GIGABYTE Smart HUD provides you with the ability to watch a video on YouTube or Twitch simultaneously
during gameplay by simply setting the URLs on the UI. The easy-to-use UI allows you to memorize frequently
used URLs, set window position and size, and change window transparency. Also, you can control Smart HUD
videos and volume with hotkeys.
The Smart HUD Interface
Using Smart HUD
The icon on the top right corner:
Allows you to open the Smart HUD window.
+/ edit Add or remove video URLs or add preference.
Positioning Select the window position.
Resolution Select the window size.
Transparency Set the window transparency.
Hot Keys:
Alt + F7 Start, pause
Alt + F8 Fast forward
Alt + F9 Fast backward
Alt + F10 Replay
Alt + F11 Increase the volume
Alt + F12 Decrease the volume
(Note) Please ensure that DirectX End-User Runtime has been installed on your system prior to installing
Smart HUD.
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