- 131 -
Code Description
B4 USB device hot plug-in.
B5 PCI device hot plug.
B6 Clean-up of NVRAM.
B7 Reconfigure NVRAM settings.
B8~BF Reserved.
C0~CF Reserved.
Code Description
E0 S3 Resume is started (called from DXE IPL).
E1 Fill boot script data for S3 resume.
E2 Initializes VGA for S3 resume.
E3 OS S3 wake vector call.
S3 Resume
Code Description
F0 Recovery mode will be triggered due to invalid firmware volume detection.
F1 Recovery mode will be triggered by user decision.
F2 Recovery is started.
F3 Recovery firmware image is found.
F4 Recovery firmware image is loaded.
F5~F7 Reserved for future AMI progress codes.
Code Description
50~55 Memory initialization error occurs.
56 Invalid CPU type or speed.
57 CPU mismatch.
58 CPU self test failed or possible CPU cache error.
59 CPU micro-code is not found or micro-code update is failed.
5A Internal CPU error.
5B Reset PPI is failed.
5C~5F Reserved.
D0 CPU initialization error.
D1 IOH initialization error.
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