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Hardware Installation
1-6 Setting up AMD CrossFire/NVIDIA® SLI
(Note 1) When using dual core graphics cards, only 2-way is supported.
(Note 2) The bridge connector(s) may be needed or not depending on your graphics cards.
(Note 3) When two or more graphics cards are installed, we recommend that you connect the power cable
from the power supply to the OC_PEG connector to ensure system stability.
A. System Requirements
-Windows 10 64-bit operating system
-A CrossFire/SLI-supported motherboard with two PCI Express x16 slots and correct driver
-CrossFire/SLI-ready graphics cards of identical brand and chip and correct driver
(For the latest GPUs that support the 3-way CrossFire technology, please refer to the AMD website.) (Note 1)
-CrossFire (Note 2)/SLI bridge connectors
-(Note 3) (Refer to the manual of your graphics cards
for the power requirement)
B. Connecting the Graphics Cards
Step 1:
Observe the steps in "1-5 Installing an Expansion Card" and install the graphics cards on the PCIEX16 and
PCIEX8 slots.
Step 2:
Insert the CrossFire (Note 2)/SLI bridge connectors in the CrossFire/SLI gold edge connectors on top of the cards.
Step 3:
Plug the display cable into the graphics card on the PCIEX16 slot.
C-1. To Enable CrossFire Function
After installing the graphics card driver in the operating
system, go to the AMD RADEON SETTINGS screen.
Browse to Gaming\Global Settings and ensure AMD
CrossFire is set to On.
C-2. To Enable SLI Function
After installing the graphics card driver in the operating
system, go to the NVIDIA Control Panel. Browse to the
 screen and ensure
Maximize 3D performance is enabled.
Procedure and driver screen for enabling CrossFire/SLI technology may differ by graphics cards and
driver version. Refer to the manual that came with your graphics cards for more information about
enabling CrossFire/SLI technology.
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