BIOS Setup
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2-4 System
This section provides information on your motherboard model and BIOS version. You can also select the default
language used by the BIOS and manually set the system time.
&Access Level
Displays the current access level depending on the type of password protection used. (If no password is
set, the default will display as Administrator.) The Administrator level allows you to make changes to all
BIOS settings; the User level only allows you to make changes to certain BIOS settings but not all.
&System Language
Selects the default language used by the BIOS.
&System Date
Sets the system date. The date format is week (read-only), month, date, and year. Use <Enter> to switch
&System Time
Sets the system time. The time format is hour, minute, and second. For example, 1 p.m. is 13:00:00. Use
key to set the desired value.
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