Unique Features
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Chapter 5 Unique Features
result in system malfunction.
5-1-1 Updating the BIOS with the Q-Flash Utility
A. Before You Begin
1. 
2. Z390AORUSXTREMEWATERFORCE.F1
3. Restart the system. During the POST, press the <End> key to enter Q-Flash. Note: You can access Q-Flash
by either pressing the <End> key during the POST or click the Q-Flash icon (or press the <F8> key) in BIOS
to an independent SATA controller, use the <End> key during the POST to access Q-Flash.
5-1 BIOS Update Utilities
GIGABYTE motherboards provide two unique BIOS update tools, Q-Flash and @BIOS. GIGABYTE Q-Flash
and @BIOS are easy-to-use and allow you to update the BIOS without the need to enter MS-DOS mode.
Additionally, this motherboard features the DualBIOS design and supports Q-Flash Plus, providing multiple
protection for the safety and stability of your computer.
What is DualBIOS?
Motherboards that support DualBIOS have two BIOS onboard, a main BIOS and a backup BIOS. Normally, the
system works on the main BIOS. However, if the main BIOS is corrupted or damaged, the backup BIOS will
For the sake of system safety, users cannot update the backup BIOS manually.
What is Q-Flash Plus?
Q-Flash Plus is a new solution derived from DualBIOS. When both the main and backup BIOS fail during
What is Q-Flash?
With Q-Flash you can update the system BIOS without having to enter operating systems like MS-DOS or
What is @BIOS?
@BIOS allows you to update the system BIOS while in the Windows environment. @BIOS will download the
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