Unique Features
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5-2 APP Center
GIGABYTE App Center gives you easy access to a wealth of GIGABYTE apps that help you get the most from
your GIGABYTE motherboard (Note)
to easily launch all GIGABYTE apps installed on your system, check related updates online, and download the
apps, drivers, and BIOS.
Running the APP Center
Insert the motherboard driver disk. On the Autorun screen, go to Application Software\Install GIGABYTE
Utilities to install GIGABYTE App Center and the selected apps. Restart your computer after the installation
is complete. In Desktop mode, click the App Center icon 
utility (Figure 1). On the main menu, you can select an app to run or click LiveUpdate to update an app online.
If the App Center is closed, you can restart it by clicking Launch App Center on the Start menu (Figure 2).
Figure 2
Figure 1
(Note) Available applications in APP Center may differ by motherboard model. Supported functions of each
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