Unique Features
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Control Tab:
The Control tab allows you to select a system power saving mode.
Button Description
Disable Disables this function
Standby Enters Power on Suspend mode
Suspend Enters Suspend to RAM mode
Hibernate Enters Suspend to Disk mode
(Note) Once your smart phone/tablet device has been paired with your AutoGreen-enabled computer, you'll
not be able to use it to connect to other Bluetooth device(s).
Bluetooth Devices Tab:
The Bluetooth tab allows you to pair your smart phone/tablet device with the Bluetooth receiver on your computer.
Press Refresh to let AutoGreen search for the Bluetooth devices around you. A message will appear on both
your computer and smart phone/tablet device prompting you to compare the passcodes on the two devices.
5-2-2 AutoGreen
AutoGreen (Note) is an easy-to-use tool that provides users with simple options to enable system power savings
via a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone/tablet device. When the device is out of the range of the computer's
turn on Bluetooth on both your computer and smart phone/tablet device.
The AutoGreen Interface
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