TE-5170 TSP MFC 12 Operations Manual
1. Open shelter box and remove Anodized Aluminum Shelter.
2. Enclosed in the 13" x 10" x 9" box on bottom of shelter is the TE-5005 Blower
Motor Assembly. Enclosed in the 13 x 0 x  box inside of shelter is the TE-5004
Filter Holder with TE-5005-9 gasket. Remove from boxes.
3. Open lid box and remove 5001-10 Roof (for roof assembly see page 13).
4. Screw TE-5004 Filter Holder onto TE-5005 Blower Motor Assembly (tubing, power
cord, and hole in filter holder collar to the right) make sure TE-5005-9 gasket is in
5. Lower Filter Holder and Blower Motor down through top support pan on shelter.
Insert Flow Controller probe into filter holder collar. Before tightening make sure
probe slot is turned so air coming into filter holder goes through it. Connect tubing
from pressure tap of blower motor to TE-5009 Flow Recorder.
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