TE-5170 TSP MFC 17 Operations Manual
Visit, www-tisch-env.com/calibration-worksheets, to download calibration
worksheets. The calibration worksheets allow the user to input the data and
automatically make the calculations. The manual calculation method is
described in the following sections for your reference, however, it is highly
recommended to download the calibration worksheets.
Calibration Procedure
The following is a step by step process of the calibration of a TE-5170 Mass Flow
Controlled Total Suspended Particulate High Volume Sampling Systems.
Following these steps are example calculations determining the calibration flow rates,
and resulting slope and intercept for the sampler. These instructions pertain to the
samplers which have air flow controlled by electronic mass flow controllers (MFC) in
conjunction with a continuous flow recorder or a manometer. This calibration differs
from that of a volumetric flow controlled sampler.
The Total Suspended Particulate samplers (TSP) are also referred to as lead samplers
as this is another use for these instruments. The instruments are also suitable for
capturing large particulate and heavy metal particles. Air monitoring studies that are
concerned with smaller respirable particulate will call for the use of PM-10 particulate
samplers. The TSP samplers have a wide range of acceptable air flow operating limits,
i.e., 1.10 to 1.70 m3/min (39 to 60 CFM). A mass flow controller will sense a decrease
in air flow as particulate is collected in the filer media and increases the voltage to the
blower which increases the blower speed in order to maintain the set flow rate.
The attached example calibration worksheets can be used with a TE-5028 Variable
Orifice Calibrator which uses an adjustable or variable orifice.
One example calibration sheet is attached to this manual. To download the electronic
spreadsheet, please visit www.tisch-env.com. It is highly recommended to
download the electronic spreadsheet and use the spreadsheet features to
complete calculations, calibration worksheets can be found by visiting
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