TE-5170 TSP MFC 6 Operations Manual
EPA Standards
The following manual will instruct you in the unpacking, assembly, operation,
calibration, and use of this product. For information on air sampling principles,
procedures and requirements and to ensure compliance with government regulations,
refer to Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations Appendix B to Part 50, Reference
Method for Determination of Suspended Particulate Matter in the Atmosphere
(High Volume Method) or Appendix G to Part 50, Reference Method for the
Determination of Lead in Suspended Particulate Matter Collected from Ambient
Air. For additional information, contact the local Environmental Protection Agency
office serving your area.
Safety Precautions
Before using Tisch Environmental products, always review the corresponding
operations manuals and take all necessary safety precautions, especially when
working with electricity.
Important Safety Instructions
Read and understand all instructions. Do not dispose of these instructions. Failure to
follow all instruction listed in this manual may result in electric shock, fire, and/or
personal injury. When using an electrical device, basic precautions must always be
followed, including the precautions listed in the safety section of this manual. Never
operate this unit in the presence of flammable materials or vapors are present as
electrical devices may produce arcs or sparks that can cause fire or explosions. Always
disconnect power supply before attempting to service or remove any components.
Never immerse electrical parts in water or any other liquid. Always avoid body contact
with grounded surfaces when plugging or unplugging this device is wet or dangerous
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