A-2: Installation in Intel RST Premium With Intel Optane System Acceleration mode
please follow the steps below:
1. After system restarts, go to the BIOS Setup, make sure CSM Support under the BIOS menu is disabled.
2. Go to  and make sure Use RST Legacy OROM is disabled. If
you want to enable the Optane memory installed in the M2Q_32G connector, set PCIe Storage Dev on
Port 21 to RST Controlled; to enable the Optane memory installed in the M2P_32G connector, set PCIe
Storage Dev on Port 9 to RST Controlled.
3. Enter the operating system, launch the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology utility from the Start menu, and then
enable Intel® Optane Memory on the Intel® Optane Memory screen.
4. If you install more than one Optane memory, please select which one you are going to use.
5. Follow the on-screen instruction to continue the installation and then restart the system when completed.
An Optane
If more than one Optane memory is installed, you can select only one of them to accelerate your
functioning correctly.
If you want to change/remove the Optane memory, you must disable it using the Intel® Rapid
After enabling the Optane memory, the related BIOS settings will remain even after a BIOS update.
After installing the operating system, insert the motherboard driver disk into your optical drive. Click
on the message "Tap to choose what happens with this disc" on the top-right corner of the screen
and select "Run Run.exe." (Or go to My Computer, double-click the optical drive and execute the
"Xpress Install" will automatically scan your system and then list all of the drivers that are recommended to
install. You can click the Xpress Install button and "Xpress Install" will install all of the selected drivers. Or click
the arrow icon to individually install the drivers you need.
3-3 Drivers Installation
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Please visit GIGABYTE's website
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