REPEAT 3100 Installation and Operation Manual
Appendix C - Troubleshooting
This troubleshooting guide assumes that you have
read and understood this manual.
It is possible in many cases to solve difficulties
without having to send the unit back to the
manufacturer for repair. Please follow this
troubleshooting section before contacting the
nearest NAVMAN dealer.
There are no user serviceable parts. Specialized
methods and testing equipment are required to
ensure that the unit is reassembled correctly and is
waterproof. Repairs to the unit must only be carried
out by a service centre approved by Navman NZ
Limited. Users who service the unit themselves will
void the warranty.
More information can be found on our website:
1 Unit will not turn on:
a Fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped.
b Power supply voltage is outside the range
10.5 to 16.5 V DC.
c Power/data cable damaged.
2 Displays dashes (— —) instead of a data
a The REPEAT 3100 has not been installed
with an instrument that can send
compatible data to the REPEAT 3100.
b The instrument that sends compatible data
to the REPEAT 3100 is turned off or the
value is outside the range that the
instrument can display.
c Power/data cable damaged.
3 Values displayed are wrong or erratic:
a The instrument that sends compatible data
to the REPEAT 3100 is not operating
correctly. Refer to the troubleshooting
guide in the instrument’s installation and
operation manual.
b Interference from electrical noise. Review
4 Unit operates erratically or unexpectedly:
Unit set up incorrectly. Reset to factory
defaults (see section 5-3). Then setup the
unit again (see section 5-2).
5 Unit will only display one item of wind or
NMEA data at a time:
This is normal. Two items are only
displayed in dual mode.
6 An item of NMEA data is not displayed:
Turn the NMEA function on (see section 5-2,
step 2).
7 A NMEA function is not displayed in the NMEA
selection screen (see section 5-2, step 2):
Press or to scroll through the
available functions. If a function is not
displayed then it means that the REPEAT
3100 is not connected to a compatible NMEA
instrument that outputs that NMEA sentence.
8 The word SIM flashes at bottom, right of
screen, values displayed are unexpected:
a The REPEAT 3100 has simulate turned on
(see section 2-5).
b An instrument sending data to the
REPEAT 3100 has simulate turned on
(see section 2-5).
9 The display fogs:
a Moist air has entered the breathing tube at
the rear of the unit. Air the boat or run unit
with backlight fully on.
b Water has entered the breathing tube.
Return unit for service.
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