REPEAT 3100 Installation and Operation Manual
The REPEAT 3100 is part of the NAVMAN 3100
series of instruments, which measure speed, depth,
wind, water temperature, battery voltage and other
functions. The REPEAT 3100 can display any data
that is output from 3100 series instruments, as well
as NMEA data from compatible instruments. The
REPEAT 3100 can also act as a GPS repeater and
provides a wealth of information on deck from a GPS
situated in a more protected position, such as below
The REPEAT 3100 can obtain its data in two ways:
From other 3100 Series instruments which are
connected by NavBus (NavBus is NAVMAN’s
proprietary system for connecting marine
From a maximum of three instruments, such
as NAVMAN’s TRACKER Chartplotter, that
send compatible NMEA 0183 V2 data. When
connecting the REPEAT 3100 to 3rd party
instruments, ensure that the NMEA data being
sent is compatible.
For maximum benefit, please read this manual
carefully before installation and use.
Cleaning and maintenance
Clean the unit with a damp cloth or mild detergent.
Avoid abrasive cleaners, petrol or other solvents.
1 Introduction
Four keys
Display shows
Speed over Ground
The REPEAT 3100 display unit
111 x 111 mm
(4.4" x 4.4")
Alarm symbol
Display modes (see section 2-3)
Dual mode: two items of data
from SPEED 3100, DEPTH
3100 or MULTI 3100
Wind mode: one item of data
from WIND 3100
NMEA mode: one item of data
from compatible NMEA
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