REPEAT 3100 Installation and Operation Manual
3 Systems of several instruments
Several NAVMAN instruments can be connected
together to share data. There are two ways of
connecting instruments together, NavBus or NMEA.
3-1 NavBus
NavBus is a NAVMAN proprietary system that allows
systems of multiple instruments to be built using a
single set of transducers. When instruments are
connected by NavBus:
If you change the units, alarms or calibration in
one instrument, then the values will
automatically change in all other instruments
of the same type.
Each instrument can be assigned to a group of
instruments (see section 5-2, step 2). If you
change the backlight in an instrument in group
1, 2, 3 or 4 then the backlight will automatically
change in the other instruments in the same
group. If you change the backlight in an
instrument in group 0 then no other
instruments are affected.
If an alarm sounds, mute it by pressing on
any NAVMAN instrument which can display
that alarm and which has a key. Alarms can
not be muted from a REPEAT 3100.
NavBus and the REPEAT 3100
The REPEAT 3100 will automatically read and
display data from other instruments connected
by NavBus.
3-2 NMEA
NMEA is an industry standard, but is not as flexible
as NavBus as it requires dedicated connections
between compatible instruments. The REPEAT 3100
can read and display NMEA data output by up to three
instruments (see Appendix B).
4 REPEAT 3100 hardware
4-1 What comes with a REPEAT 3100
REPEAT 3100 unit with protective cover.
Warranty card.
Mounting template.
This Installation and Operation manual.
4-2 Other parts required
One or more 3100 series instruments will be
connected to the boat 12 V power supply via:
An accessory switch to turn the instruments on
and off.
A fuse: Use a 1 A fuse for between one and five
The REPEAT 3100 can receive and display:
Data from other NAVMAN instruments
connected via NavBus; settings for units and
backlighting are shared (see section 3-1).
NMEA data from up to three compatible
instruments (see section 3-2).
Wiring and connectors are required (see section 5
or the NavBus Installation and Operation manual).
4-3 Accessories
NavBus junction boxes are available from your
NAVMAN dealer.
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