Appendix - 108 -
5-1-5 Installing the SATA RAID/AHCI Driver and Operating System
With the SATA RAID/AHCI driver diskette and correct BIOS settings, you are ready to install Windows Vista/
XP onto your hard drive(s). The followings are examples of Windows XP and Vista installation.
A. Installing Windows XP
Step 1:
Restart your system to boot from the Windows XP setup disk and press <F6> as soon as you see the mes-
sage "Press F6 if you need to install a 3rd party SCSI or RAID driver" (Figure 1). A screen will then appear
asking you to specify additional device.
Windows Setup
Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver.
Figure 1
Step 3:
On the next screen, press <Enter> to continue the driver installation. After the driver installation, you can pro-
ceed with the Windows XP installation.
Step 2:
For the Intel ICH10R:
Figure 2 below will appear. Select Intel(R) ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/PCH SATA RAID Controller and press
Figure 2
Windows Setup
 
using a device support disk provided by an adapter manufacturer.
Select the SCSI Adapter you want from the following list, or press ESC
to return to the previous screen.
ENTER=Select F3=Exit
Intel(R) ICH7R/DH SATA RAID Controller
Intel(R) ICH7MDH SATA RAID Controller
Intel(R) ICH8M-E/ICH9M-E/PCHM SATA RAID Controller
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