Appendix - 112 -
For the JMicron JMB362/GIGABYTE SATA2:
Step 1:
Restart your system to boot from the Windows Vista setup disk and perform standard OS installation steps.
When a screen similar to that below appears (RAID/AHCI hard drive(s) will not be detected at this stage),
select Load Driver (Figure 9).
Step 2:
AHCI driver (Method B), then specify the location of the driver (Figure 10). Note: For users using a SATA opti-
ing Windows Vista (go to the BootDrv folder and save the whole GSATA
use Method B to load the driver.
Method A:
Insert the motherboard driver disk into your system and browse to the following directory:
For Windows Vista 64-bit, browse to the 64Bit folder.
Method B:
\GSATA\32Bit (for Windows Vista 32-bit)
or \GSATA\64Bit (for Windows Vista 64-bit).
Figure 9
Figure 10
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