- 115 - Appendix
Performing the Rebuild in the Operating System
While in the operating system, make sure the chipset driver has been installed from the motherboard driver
disk. Then launch the Intel Matrix Storage Console from All Programs in the Start menu.
Step 1:
On the View menu of the Intel Matrix Storage
Console, select Advanced Mode for a more
detailed view of the storage device information.
Step 3:
Click Next when the Rebuild RAID Volume
Wizard appears. Follow the on-screen instruc-
tions to proceed.
Step 5:
When the message "The rebuild was completed
successfully," appears, click OK to complete.
Step 2:
The new hard drive appears under Non-RAID
Hard Drive. Right-click on the new hard drive
and select Rebuild to this Hard Drive.
Step 4:
To check the rebuild status during the rebuild
process, right-click on the rebuild volume and
select Show Rebuild Progress.
Step 6:
After the RAID 1 volume rebuilding, click the
volume and its status in the information pane will
display as Normal.
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