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 
The motherboard provides six audio jacks on the back
panel which support 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel (Note) audio.
The picture to the right shows the default audio jack
The integrated HD (High Definition) audio provides
jack retasking capability that allows the user to change
the function for each jack through the audio driver.
     -
woofer speaker out jack, you can retask the Center/Subwoofer speaker out jack to be Side speaker out.
 
HD Audio includes multiple high quality digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that support 44.1KHz/48KHz/
96KHz/192KHz sampling rate. HD Audio features multistreaming capabilities that allow multiple audio
streams (in and out) to be simultaneously processed. For example, users can listen to MP3 music, have an
Internet chat, make a telephone call over the Internet, and etc. all at the same time.
(The following instructions use Windows Vista as the example operating system.)
• 
jack for microphone functionality.
• Audio signals will be present on both of the front and back panel audio connections simultane-
ously. If you want to mute the back panel audio (only supported when using an HD front panel
audio module), refer to instructions on the next page.
Speaker Out Line In
Rear Speaker Out Front Speaker Out
Mic In
Speaker Out
Step 1:
After installing the audio driver, the HD Audio Manager
icon 
the icon to access the HD Audio Manager.
 
• 2-channel audio: Headphone or Line out.
• 4-channel audio: Front speaker out and Side speaker out.
• 5.1-channel audio: Front speaker out, Side speaker out, and Center/Subwoofer speaker out.
• 7.1-channel audio: Front speaker out, Rear speaker out, Center/Subwoofer speaker out, and Side speaker out.
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