Appendix - 124 -
The S/PDIF Out jacks can transmit audio signals to an external decoder for decoding to get the best audio
1. Connecting a S/PDIF Out Cable:
S/PDIF Coaxial Cable
Connect a S/PDIF coaxial cable or a S/PDIF optical cable (either one) to an external decoder for transmitting
the S/PDIF digital audio signals.
S/PDIF Optical Cable
On the Digital Output(Optical) screen (Note), click the Default Format tab and then select the sample rate and
bit depth. Click OK to complete.
(Note) Enter the Digital Output(Optical)
connector(s) on the back panel for digital audio output or enter the Digital Output screen if you use
the internal S/PDIF Out connector (SPDIF_O) for digital audio output.
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