- 125 - Appendix
5-2-3 Enabling the Dolby Home Theater Function
Before Dolby Home Theater is enabled, you get only 2-channel playback output (from the
front speakers) when playing 2-channel stereo sources. You must play 4-, 5.1-, or 7.1- chan-
nel content to get 4-, 5.1-, or 7.1- channel audio effects. With Dolby Home Theater enabled,
2-channel stereo content will be transformed into multi-channel audio, creating a virtual sur-
round sound environment (Note).
Install the Dolby GUI Software driver from the motherboard driver disk. Click the Start icon . Point to All
Programs, Dolby Control Center to access the utility.
1. :
Click Dolby Pro Logic IIx. The system will expand 2-channel audio for a 7.1-channel surround sound
2. :
Click Natural Bass to enable speaker bass effect.
(Note) When Dolby Digital Live is enabled, only digital audio output (S/PDIF) is working, and you will not
hear any sound from analog speakers or headphone.
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