- 127 - Appendix
Step 4:
To raise the recording and playback volume for the
microphone, click the Microphone Boost icon on
the right of the Recording Volume slider and set the
Microphone Boost level.
Step 5:
After completing the settings above, click Start, point
to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click
Sound Recorder to begin the sound recording.
Step 1:
Locate the Volume icon 
right-click on this icon. Select Recording Devices.
Step 2:
On the Recording tab, right-click on an empty space
and select Show Disabled Devices.
* Enabling Stereo Mix
If the HD Audio Manager does not display the recording device you wish to use, refer to the steps below. The
following steps explain how to enable Stereo Mix (which may be needed when you want to record sound from
your computer).
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