Appendix - 132 -
5-4 POST Error Code
POST (hex) Description
CFh Test CMOS R/W functionality
C0h Early chipset initialization:
-Disable shadow RAM
- Program basic chipset registers
C1h Detect memory
- Auto-detection of DRAM size, type and ECC
C3h Expand compressed BIOS code to DRAM
C5h Call chipset hook to copy BIOS back to E000 & F000 shadow RAM
01h Expand the Xgroup codes locating in physical address 1000:0
02h DualBIOS init (optional)
03h Initial Superio_Early_Init switch
05h 1. Blank out screen
  
07h 1. Clear 8042 interface
2. Initialize 8042 self-test
08h 1. Test special keyboard controller for Winbond 977 series Super I/O chips
2. Enable keyboard interface
0Ah 1. Disable PS/2 mouse interface (optional)
2. Auto detect ports for keyboard & mouse followed by a port & interface swap (op-
3. Reset keyboard Super I/O chips
0Eh Test F000h segment shadow to see whether it is R/W-able or not. If test fails, keep
beeping the speaker
  
F000 for ESCD & DMI support
12h Use walking 1's algorithm to check out interface in CMOS circuitry. Also set real-time
clock power status, and then check for override
14h Program chipset default values into chipset. Chipset default values are MODBINable
by OEM customers
  
POST 26h
18h Detect CPU information including brand, SMI type and CPU level
  
1Dh Initial EARLY_PM_INIT switch
23h 1. Check validity of RTC value:
e.g. a value of 5Ah is an invalid value for RTC minute
2. Load CMOS settings into BIOS stack. If CMOS checksum fails, use default value
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