Appendix - 134 -
POST (hex) Description
59h Initialize the combined Trend Anti-Virus code
5Dh 1. Initialize Init_Onboard_Super_IO
2. Initialize Init_Onbaord_AUDIO
60h Okay to enter Setup utility; i.e. not until this POST stage can users enter the CMOS
setup utility
  
65h Initialize PS/2 Mouse
67h Prepare memory size information for function call: INT 15h ax=E820h
69h Turn on L2 cache
  
tion table
6Dh 1. Assign resources to all ISA PnP devices
2. Auto assign ports to onboard COM ports if the corresponding item in Setup is set
to "AUTO"
  
  
75h Detect & install all IDE devices: HDD, LS120, ZIP, CDROM...
77h Detect serial ports & parallel ports
7Ah Detect & install co-processor
7Ch Init HDD write protect
7Fh 1. Switch back to text mode if full screen logo is supported
- If errors occur, report errors & wait for keys
- If no errors occur or F1 key is pressed to continue:
2. Clear EPA or customization logo
82h 1. Call chipset power management hook
2. Recover the text fond used by EPA logo (not for full screen logo)
3. If password is set, ask for password
83h Save all data in stack back to CMOS
84h Initialize ISA PnP boot devices
  
2. Switch screen back to text mode
87h NET PC: Build SYSID structure
89h 1. Assign IRQs to PCI devices
2. Set up ACPI table at top of the memory
8Bh 1. Invoke all ISA adapter ROMs
2. Invoke all PCI ROMs (except VGA)
8Dh 1. Enable/Disable Parity Check according to CMOS setup
2. APM initialization
8Fh Clear noise of IRQs
93h Read HDD boot sector information for Trend Anti-Virus code
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