- 15 - Hardware Installation
1-3-2 Installing the CPU Cooler
Follow the steps below to correctly install the CPU cooler on the motherboard. (The following procedure uses
Intel® boxed cooler as the example cooler.)
Step 1:
Apply an even and thin layer of thermal grease
on the surface of the installed CPU.
Male Push
Push Pin
The Top
of Female
Push Pin
Direction of the
Arrow Sign on
the Male Push
Step 2:
Before installing the cooler, note the direction of
the arrow sign on the male push pin. (Turn-
ing the push pin along the direction of arrow is to
remove the cooler, on the contrary, is to install.)
Step 3:
Place the cooler atop the CPU, aligning the four
push pins through the pin holes on the mother-
board. Push down on the push pins diagonally.
Step 4:
You should hear a "click" when pushing down
each push pin. Check that the Male and Female
push pins are joined closely. (Refer to your CPU
cooler installation manual for instructions on
installing the cooler.)
Use extreme care when removing the CPU cooler because the thermal grease/tape between the
CPU cooler and CPU may adhere to the CPU. Inadequately removing the CPU cooler may damage
the CPU.
Step 5:
After the installation, check the back of the moth-
erboard. If the push pin is inserted as the picture
above shows, the installation is complete.
Step 6:
Finally, attach the power connector of the CPU
cooler to the CPU fan header (CPU_FAN) on the
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