- 41 - BIOS Setup
(Note) This item is present only if you install a CPU that supports this feature. For more information about
Intel CPUs' unique features, please visit Intel's website.
C3/C6/C7 State Support (Note)
Allows you to determine whether to let the CPU enter C3/C6/C7 mode in system halt state. When en-
abled, the CPU core frequency and voltage will be reduced during system halt state to decrease power
consumption. The C3/C6/C7 state is a more enhanced power-saving state than C1. (Default: Disabled)
CPU Thermal Monitor (Note)
Enables or disables Intel CPU Thermal Monitor function, a CPU overheating protection function. When
enabled, the CPU core frequency and voltage will be reduced when the CPU is overheated.
(Default: Enabled)
CPU EIST Function (Note)
Enables or disables Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST). Depending on CPU loading, Intel
EIST technology can dynamically and effectively lower the CPU voltage and core frequency to decrease
average power consumption and heat production. (Default: Enabled)
Bi-Directional PROCHOT (Note)
Enabled When the CPU or chipset detects that an overheating is occurring, PROCHOT signals will
be emitted to lower CPU performance to decrease heat production. (Default)
Disabled Only allows the CPU to detect whether an overheating is occurring to emit PROCHOT
QPI Clock Ratio
Allows you to set the QPI clock ratio. Options are: Auto (default), x36, x44, x48, Slow Mode. The adjust-
able range is dependent on the CPU being installed. The item is adjustable only if a CPU with unlocked
clock ratio is installed.
QPI Link Speed
Displays the current operating QPI link speed.
Uncore Clock Ratio
Displays the Uncore clock ratio. Options are: Auto (default), x12~x48.
Uncore Frequency
This value is determined by multiplying the BLCK Frequency value by the Uncore Clock Ratio value.
>>>>> Standard Clock Control
Base Clock(BCLK) Control
Enables or disables the control of CPU base clock. Enabled will allow the BCLK Frequency(Mhz) item
to allow for automated system reboot, or clear the CMOS values to reset the board to default values.
(Default: Disabled)
BCLK Frequency(Mhz)
Allows you to manually set the CPU base clock. The adjustable range is from 100 MHz to 600 MHz. This
Base Clock(BCLK) Control option is enabled.
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