- 43 - BIOS Setup
Advanced Memory Settings
(Note) This item appears only if you install a memory module that supports this feature.
Extreme Memory Proile (X.M.P.) (Note), System Memory Multiplier (SPD),
Memory Frequency(Mhz)
The settings under the three items above are synchronous to those under the same items on the Ad-
vanced Frequency Settings menu.
Performance Enhance
Allows the system to operate at three different performance levels.
Standard Lets the system operate at its basic performance level.
Turbo Lets the system operate at its good performance level. (Default)
Extreme Lets the system operate at its best performance level.
DRAM Timing Selectable (SPD)
Quick and Expert allows the Channel Interleaving and Rank Interleaving
Options are: Auto (default), Quick, Expert.
Proile DDR Voltage
When using a non-XMP memory module or Extreme Memory Proile (X.M.P.) is set to Disabled, this
item will display as 1.5V. When Extreme Memory Proile (X.M.P.) is set to Proile1 or Proile2, this
item will display the value based on the SPD data on the XMP memory.
Proile QPI Voltage
The value displayed here is dependent on the CPU being used.
Channel Interleaving
Options are: Auto (default), 1~6.
Rank Interleaving
Options are: Auto (default), 1~4.
CMOS Setup Utility-Copyright (C) 1984-2010 Award Software
Advanced Memory Settings
higf: Move Enter: Select +/-/PU/PD: Value F10: Save ESC: Exit F1: General Help
F5: Previous Values F6: Fail-Safe Defaults F7: Optimized Defaults
Item Help
Menu Level
 ExtremeMemoryProile(X.M.P.) (Note) [Disabled]
System Memory Multiplier (SPD) [Auto]
Memory Frequency (Mhz) 1066 1066
Performance Enhance [Turbo]
DRAM Timing Selectable (SPD) [Auto]
ProileDDRVoltage   1.5V
ProileQPIVoltage   1.15V
x Channel Interleaving 6 Auto
x Rank Interleaving 4 Auto
>>>>> Channel A
Channel A Timing Settings [Press Enter]
Channel A Turnaround Settings [Press Enter]
>>>>> Channel B
Channel B Timing Settings [Press Enter]
Channel B Turnaround Settings [Press Enter]
>>>>> Channel C
Channel C Timing Settings [Press Enter]
Channel C Turnaround Settings [Press Enter]
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