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SMART LAN1/2 (LAN Cable Diagnostic Function)
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Start detecting at Port.....
Part1-2 Status = Open / Length = 0m
Part3-6 Status = Open / Length = 0m
Part4-5 Status = Open / Length = 0m
Part7-8 Status = Open / Length = 0m
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This motherboard incorporates cable diagnostic feature designed to detect the status of the attached LAN
cable. This feature will detect cabling issue and report the approximate distance to the fault or short. Refer to
the following information for diagnosing your LAN cable:
When No LAN Cable Is Attached...
If no LAN cable is attached to the motherboard, the StatusOpen
and the Length0m
When LAN Cable Is Functioning Normally...
If no cable problem is detected on the LAN cable connected to a Gigabit hub or a 10/100 Mbps hub, the
following message will appear:
Start detecting at Port.....
Link Detected --> 100Mbps
Cable Length= 30m
Link Detected Displays transmission speed.
Cable Length Displays the approximate length of the attached LAN cable.
Note: The Gigabit hub will only operate at a speed of 10/100 Mbps in MS-DOS mode; it will operate at a
normal speed of 10/100/1000 Mbps in Windows mode or when the LAN Boot ROM is activated.
When a Cable Problem Occurs...
 StatusShort and then length
shown will be the approximate distance to the fault or short.
Example: Part1-2 Status = Short / Length = 2m
Explanation: A fault or short might occur at about 2m on Part 1-2.
Note: Part 4-5 and Part 7-8 are not used in a 10/100 Mbps environment, so their Status
Open, and the length shown is the approximate length of the attached LAN cable.
Onboard LAN1/2 Boot ROM
Allows you to decide whether to activate the boot ROM integrated with the onboard LAN chip.
(Default: Disabled)
Onboard USB 3.0 Controller (NEC USB Controller)
Enables or disables the NEC USB controller. (Default: Enabled)
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