- 69 - Unique Features
4-1 Xpress Recovery2
Chapter 4 Unique Features
Xpress Recovery2 is a utility that allows you to quickly compress and
back up your system data and perform restoration of it. Supporting NTFS,
     
PATA and SATA hard drives and restore it.
Before You Begin:
• (Note) for the operating system. Xpress Recovery2
• -
allocated space in advanced (10 GB or more is recommended; actual size requirements vary, depending
on the amount of data).
• It is recommended to back up your system soon after the operating system and drivers are installed.
• The amount of data and hard drive access speed may affect the speed at which the data is backed up/
• It takes longer to back up a hard drive than to restore it.
System Requirements:
• At least 512 MB of system memory
• VESA compatible graphics card
• Windows XP with SP1 or later, Windows Vista
• 
with Xpress Recovery cannot be restored using Xpress Recovery2.
• USB hard drives are not supported.
• Hard drives in RAID/AHCI mode are not supported.
Turn on your system to boot from the Windows Vista setup disk.
A. Installing Windows Vista and Partitioning the Hard Drive
 
  
  
  
  
Step 1:
Click Drive options.
Step 2:
Click New.
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