Unique Features - 70 -
Step 3:
When partitioning your hard drive, make sure to
leave unallocated space (10 GB or more is recom-
mended; actual size requirements vary, depending
on the amount of data) and begin the installation of
the operating system.
Step 1:
Select BACKUP to start backing up your hard drive
Step 4:
After the operating system is installed, right-click
the Computer icon on your desktop and select
Manage. Go to Disk Management to check disk
Step 2:
 Disk Management to check
disk allocation.
Step 5:
  
space (black stripe along the top). Please note that if there is no
enough unallocated space, Xpress Recovery2 cannot save the
B. Accessing Xpress Recovery2
 
following message: Press any key to startup Xpress Recovery2, press any key
to enter Xpress Recovery2.
         
permanent in your hard drive. If you wish to enter Xpress Recovery2 later, simply press <F9> during the
C. Using the Backup Function in Xpress Recovery2
Xpress Recovery2 will automatically create a
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