Unique Features - 78 -
B. Total Mode
In Total Mode, users are able to see how much total power savings they have accumulated in a set period of
time since activating Dynamic Energy SaverTM 2 for th (Note 3).
C. Stealth Mode
In Stealth Mode, the system continues t
system is restarted. Re-enter the application only if you want to make any changes or completely close the
(Note 1) Before using the Dynamic Energy SaverTM 2 function, make sure the CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E)
and CPU EIST Function items in the BIOS Setup program are set to Enabled.
(Note 2) 1: Smart FNA/CPU (default); 2: Smart FNA/CPU/VGA/HDD; 3: Smart FNA/CPU/VGA/HDD/Chipset/
(Note 3) The total amount of power saved will be recorded until re-activated when only the Dynamic Power
Saver is under the enable status, and power savings meter is unable to reset to zero.
(Note 4) Dynamic Energy Saver Meter will automatically reset when the total power saving reaches
99999999 Watts.
56 7
12 13
Total Mode - Button Information Table
Button Description
1 Dynamic Energy Saver On/Off Switch (Default: Off)
2 Current CPU Power Consumption
3 Total Power Savings (Total power saving with Dynamic Energy Saver enabled) (Note 4)
4 Time/Date Dynamic Energy Saver Enabled
5 Total Mode Switch
6 Meter Mode Switch
7 Dynamic Power Phase Status
8 Power Saving Status (Icons of the devices currently in power-saving mode will light on)
9 3-Level Power Saving Switch (Default:1) (Note 2)
10 Advanced Settings
Dual Power Switch (Divide the power phases into two sets and switch between them) (Default: Off)
12 Close (Application will enter Stealth Mode)
13 Minimize (Application will continue to run in taskbar)
14 INFO/Help
15 Motherboard Phase LED On/Off Switch (Default: On)
16 Live Utility Update (Check for the latest utility version)
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