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4-5 Q-Share
Q-Share is an easy and convenient data sharing too
Q-Share, you are able to share your data with computers on the same network, making full use of Internet
Directions for using Q-Share
After installing Q-Share from the motherboard driver disk, go to Start>All Programs>GIGABYTE>Q-Share.exe
to launch the Q-Share tool. Find the Q-Share icon 
the data sharing settings.
(Note) This option is available only when data sharing is NOT enabled.
Figure 1. Data Sharing Disabled Figure 2. Data Sharing Enabled
Options Descriptions
Option Description
Connect ... Displays the computers with data sharing enabled
Enable Incoming Folder ... Enables data sharing
Disable Incoming Folder ... Disables data sharing
Open Incoming Folder : Accesses the shared data folder
Change Incoming Folder : Changes the data folder to be shared (Note)
Update Q-Share ... Updates Q-Share online
About Q-Share ... Displays the current Q-Share version
Exit... Exits Q-Share
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