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4-6 Smart 6
GIGABYTE Smart 6™ (Note 1) is designed with user-friendliness in mind, and offers a combination of 6 innovative
software utilities that provide easier and smarter PC system management. Smart 6 allows you to speed up
click of the mouse button.
Select a CPU performance boost level and restart your computer for
the changes to take effect.
SMART QuickBoost
SMART QuickBoost features quick and effortless CPU overclocking for novice and experienced
users alike; users simply click on one of the three levels of CPU performance enhancement, and
SMART QuickBoost automatically adjusts CPU performance.
Select the Enable check box below the BIOS QuickBoot or OS
QuickBoot item and then click Save to save the settings.
SMART QuickBoot
SMART QuickBoot speeds up the system boot-up process and shortens the waiting time for en-
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