- 81 - Unique Features
SMART Recovery
    (Note 2) or copy
Windows Vista.
SMART DualBIOS is a new feature that can record personal passwords and important dates,
and remind users of the dates. It stores the recorded data in the main and backup BIOS simulta-
neously, which can prevent loss of the data in case the system/hard drive fails.
To browse through your backups made at different time, select a
backup time using the time bar on the right or at the bottom of the
wish to copy and click the Copy button.
Button Function
Enable Enables automatic daily backup (Note 3)
Schedule Sets a daily backup schedule
Capacity Sets the percentage of hard drive space used for
saving backups (Note 4)
• The hard drive must have more than 1 GB of capacity.
• Each partition can accommodate up to 64 backups (the actual
limit depends on the size of each partition). When this limit is
reached, the oldest backup will be ovewritten.
their contents.
Enter the Smart 6 password to launch the SMART DualBIOS utility.
In the main screen, you can set up records of personal passwords
and important dates and reminders of these dates. Click Save to
save the settings and click Exit to exit.
In the main menu, click the  button to open the Smart Recov-
ery Preference dialog box.
The Smart Recovery Preference dialog box:
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