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(Note 1) When launching Smart 6
activate SMART DualBIOS, SMART Recorder, or SMART TimeLock or to make any changes.
 
(Note 3) The system will make an automatic backup on changed data only once everyday. If the computer is turned on for
a long time, the backup will be performed at the scheduled backup time. If the computer is turned off before the
scheduled backup time, the backup will be performed on the next boot.
(Note 4) We recommend that you preserve at least 25 percent of the hard drive space to optimize the storage space for
the backups. The backups of the changed data will be stored in the original partition of the data.
(Note 5) You can set the User Password in the system BIOS Setup program to prevent the system time being changed by
other users.
Select the Enable check box at the bottom of the On/Off Recorder
or File Monitor tab to enable recording of system on/off time or
 password is required
before you make any changes to the previous settings.
Instructions (Note 5):
Click the lock icon on the bottom left corner and enter the Smart 6
password. Set the allowed/disallowed use time for the computer on
weekdays or on the weekend. Click Save to save the settings and
click Exit to exit.
The Smart TimeLock dialog box:
A reminder will appear 15 minutes and 1 minute prior to the default shutdown
time. When the reminder appears, you can enter the Smart 6 password to ex-
tend the use time or click Cancel to close the reminder. If you respond Cancel
to the reminder, you will be requested to enter the password to extend the use
time when the shutdown time arrives, or the computer will shutdown right away.
SMART Recorder
SMART Recorder monitors and records the activities in a system such as the time when the
copied to an external storage device.
SMART TimeLock
SMART TimeLock allows users to effectively manage the use time for the computer with simple
rules and options.
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