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Chapter 5 Appendix
 
A. Install SATA hard drive(s) in your computer.
 
  (Note 1)
  (Note 2)
E. Install the SATA RAID/AHCI driver (Note 2) and operating system.
Before you begin
Please prepare:
• At least two SATA hard drives (to ensure optimal performance, it is recommended that you use two hard
drives with identical model and capacity). If you do not want to create RAID, you may prepare only one
hard drive.
• 
• Windows Vista/XP setup disk.
• Motherboard driver disk.
 
A. Installing SATA hard drive(s) in your computer
Attach one end of the SATA signal cable to the rear of the SATA hard drive and the other end to available
SATA port on the motherboard. If there is more than one SATA controller on your motherboard, refer to
"Chapter 1," "Hardware Installation," to identify the SATA controller for the SATA port. (For example, on this
motherboard, the SATA2_0, SATA2_1, SATA2_2, SATA2_3, SATA2_4 and SATA2_5 ports are supported by
ICH10R Chipset.) Then connect the power connector from your power supply to the hard drive.
(Note 1) Skip this step if you do not want to create RAID array on the SATA controller.
(Note 2) Required when the SATA controller is set to AHCI or RAID mode.
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