Appendix - 88 -
The BIOS Setup menus described in this section may differ from the exact settings for your moth-
erboard. The actual BIOS Setup menu options you will see shall depend on the motherboard you
have and the BIOS version.
Step 1:
Turn on your computer and press <Delete> to enter BIOS Setup during the POST (Power-On Self-Test). To
create RAID, set ICH SATA Control Mode under the Integrated Peripherals menu to RAID(XHD) (Figure 1)
(IDE by default). If you do not want to create RAID, set this item to IDE or AHCI.
Step 2:
Save changes and exit BIOS Setup.
Figure 1
CMOS Setup Utility-Copyright (C) 1984-2010 Award Software
Integrated Peripherals
eXtreme Hard Drive (XHD) [Disabled]
ICH SATA Control Mode [RAID(XHD)]
SATA Port0-3 Native Mode [Disabled]
USB 1.0 Controller [Enabled]
USB 2.0 Controller [Enabled]
USB Keyboard Function [Disabled]
USB Mouse Function [Disabled]
USB Storage Function [Enabled]
Azalia Codec [Auto]
Onboard H/W 1394 [Enabled]
Onboard H/W LAN1 [Enabled]
Onboard H/W LAN2 [Enabled]
Green LAN [Disabled]
SMART LAN1 [Press Enter]
SMART LAN2 [Press Enter]
Onboard LAN1 Boot ROM [Disabled]
Onboard LAN2 Boot ROM [Disabled]
Onboard USB 3.0 Controller [Enabled]
eSATA Controller [Enabled]
higf: Move Enter: Select +/-/PU/PD: Value F10: Save ESC: Exit F1: General Help
F5: Previous Values F6: Fail-Safe Defaults F7: Optimized Defaults
Item Help
Menu Level
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