18 NAVMAN G-PILOT 3380 System Installation Manual
1 Find a suitable location and arrangement for the unit as described above.
2 Choose, assemble and fit a suitable rudder linkage.
3 Fit the unit as shown below:
If necessary, mount
base on block to set
Set rudder
Rotate base so arrow on arm
points near centre line on base.
Fit two screws provided loosely
in middle of slots.
Rotate base so arrow on arm
points to centre line on base.
Fit third screw provided,
tighten all screws.
Join coupling to
rudder linkage. Snap end into
correct hole in arm.
Ensure rudder is
If necessary, cut connecting
rod at this end, then replace
coupling and lock nut.
4 Wire the cable back to the MCU600, following the wiring guide (see section 3-2-2).
Plug connector into the RFU socket
Holes in the bulkheads must
be at least 18.5 mm (0.73”)
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