22 NAVMAN G-PILOT 3380 System Installation Manual
1 Find a suitable location for the unit as described above.
2 Mount the unit with the three screws provided. Use a level to ensure the unit is vertical to
within 10°.
Less than
10° 10°
3 Wire the cable back to the MCU600, following the wiring guide (see section 3-2-2).
Less than
10° 10°
Plug connector into the Gyro socket
Holes in the bulkheads must
be at least 18.5 mm (0.73”)
If you move the gyro with respect to the compass while the power is on, wait for the heading to stabilise.
3-8 Installing the G-PILOT 3380 display unit and other instruments
There are two mounting arrangements:
Flush mounting requires a solid panel with
access behind for wiring and mounting screws.
After flush mounting, the display cannot be
tilted or moved after installation to reduce any
unwanted glare or reflections. Carefully select
the best viewing position before installation.
This would generally be in a shaded area.
Flush mounting directions
1 Cut a hole in the bulkhead for the display
unit using the flush mount template as a
2 Drill four holes for the mounting studs
using the flush mount template as a guide.
3 Screw the four studs into the brass inserts
in the back of the display unit.
4 Sit the display unit in place and fit the
washers and nuts to the studs.
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