G-PILOT 3380 System Installation Manual NAVMAN 23
If you move the gyro with respect to the compass while the power is on, wait for the heading to stabilise.
Bracket mounting directions
1 Fix the mounting bracket onto the boat
using the four stainless steel screws.
2 Hold the display unit in place in the
mounting bracket. Fit the mounting
bracket knobs into the display unit and do
up the knobs loosely.
3 Adjust the tilt of the display for best
viewing, then hand tighten the knobs on
the mounting bracket.
Bracket mounting requires a panel for
mounting the bracket. Ensure that the panel
is not likely to deform and is not subject to
excessive vibration. The bracket can be tilted
and the dispaly can be removed after each use.
Select a position where the display unit will be:
At least 4" (100 mm) away from
the compass.
At least 12" (300 mm) away from any
radio transmitter.
At least 4 ft (1.2 m) away from any antenna.
Easy to read and operate. If possible, mount
the display unit in front of the navigator or
to the right of the navigator because the
LCD display is more readable from these
Not exposed to the direct sun or water.
Protected from physical damage during
rough sea passages.
Easy to access the DC power source.
Convenient to route the transducer cables.
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