24 NAVMAN G-PILOT 3380 System Installation Manual
Wiring the display unit
Display unit cable, Requires 18 mm (0.7”) hole
through bulkhead.
Connector cover
Clutch relay out: 8
NMEA2 - in/out: 7
NMEA1 - in: 6
NMEA common: 5
NavBus -, Blue: 4
NavBus +, Orange: 3
Ground, Black: 2
12 V power +, Red: 1
Optional external beepers and
lamps for the external alarm. If the
beepers and lights require more
than 250 mA, fit an external relay.
8-way connector
Light duty power
(see section 3-4-1)
Wire the display unit power wires (red and black wires) to the eight way connector terminals 1 and 2
to ensure the display unit and main control unit have the same light duty power supply.
Follow the wiring guide (see section 3-2-2).
Yellow (ignition wire)
White (isolate, do not use)
Brown (isolate, do not use)
Plug power cable into the
Black socket on the rear of the
G-PILOT 3380 display.
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