26 NAVMAN G-PILOT 3380 System Installation Manual
4 Dockside setup
1 Turn the G-PILOT 3380 system on (See G-PILOT 3380 Operation Manual). If the rudder moves,
immediately turn the power off.
If you try to enter AUTO and the rudder feedback unit or compass have not yet been calibrated,
then the G-PILOT 3380 system will displays an error.
2 If the G-PILOT 3380 system has been used before, reset all user data to the factory defaults. Go
to Factory reset > Both in the Setup System menu (See G-PILOT 3380 Operation Manual).
3 Enter the user data listed in the User Data table below (See G-PILOT 3380 Operation Manual to find what
each data item means and how to enter the data). Beside each item, write the value of the user
data that you enter.
Perform the dockside setup:
after installing a G-PILOT 3380 system (see section 3)
after a part has been changed or if a problem is suspected
After dockside setup, perform the sea trials (see section 5 ).
4-1 Start dockside setup
Warning:Until the rudder feedback unit is calibrated (see section 4-2), there is no rudder limit. The
user must ensure that rudder is not driven onto an endstop when using the jog command (see G-PILOT
3380 Operation Manual).
4-2 Calibrating the rudder feedback unit
This procedure matches the rudder feedback unit to the rudder.
To exit the calibration at any time, press ESC.
If you do not move the rudder as prompted or the rudder feedback unit is not working then the G-PILOT
3380 system can not finish the calibration. The G-PILOT 3380 system will display an error. Press ESC, fix
the problem and repeat the calibration.
In normal operation, the G-PILOT 3380 system will not turn the rudder closer than 3° to an endstop.
To calibrate the rudder feedback unit go to Rudder in the Setup > Calibrate menu. Follow the
on-screen instructions presented by the calibration wizard (See G-PILOT 3380 Operation Manual).
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