G-PILOT 3380 System Installation Manual NAVMAN 7
2 G-PILOT 3380 system hardware
MCU600 (Main Control Unit)
Gyro, with 10 m
(33 ft) attached cable
Protective cover for
display unit
G-PILOT 3380 Display unit
Compass, with 10 m
(33 ft) attached cable
WIND: The G-PILOT 3380 system can receive
NMEA wind data from a compatible wind
True or apparent wind direction (from
MWV sentences) is required for the G-PILOT
3380 system to use Wind mode.
SPEED: The G-PILOT 3380 system can
receive NMEA speed data from a compatible
paddlewheel or GPS instrument:
SOG (from VTG sentences) is optional and
improves performance.
Note: If the G-PILOT 3380 system is connected
to a Navman series wind or speed instrument
using NavBus, then the G-PILOT 3380 system will
automatically receive and use the wind or speed
data, and the NMEA connection need not be wired.
2 mm (#14) twin
stranded cable for high
current wiring
RFU - Rudder feedback unit
2-1 What comes with your G-PILOT 3380 system
G-PILOT 3380 system NMEA outputs
The NMEA 2 port can be configured to be an
input or to be output:
either heading (HDG & HDT) and rudder
angle (RSA) at once per second
or heading (HDG) at ten times per second
(see NMEA mode in the Setup > Comms menu,
See G-PILOT 3380 Operation Manual).
• Warranty
• Display unit mounting template
• This Installation manual
• Operation manual
Additional hardware
• Mounting hardware
• Cable cover
• Strain relief
• Spare fuses
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