8 NAVMAN G-PILOT 3380 System Installation Manual
The recommended installation sequence is:
1 Read this manual and the documentation
that comes with the other parts.
2 Plan the installation: select where the
equipment and wiring will be installed (see
section 3-2).
3 Install the MCU600 (see section 3-3).
4 Install the steering drive and wire the heavy
duty and light duty power supplies
(see section 3-4).
5 Install the rudder feedback unit
(see section 3-5).
6 Install the compass (see section 3-6).
3 Installation
3-1 Installation sequence
Warning: Correct installation is critical to the
performance of the unit. It is vital to read this
manual and the documentation that comes
with the other parts before starting installation.
The MCU600 is not waterproof. Mount the
unit in a dry place.
The G-PILOT 3380 system display unit is
The compass, gyro and rudder feedback
unit are completely waterproof.
Warning: Ensure that any holes that you
cut will not weaken the boat’s structure. If in
doubt, consult a qualified boat builder.
7 Install the gyro (see section 3-7).
8 Install the display unit and any other
marine instruments that will be used with
the G-PILOT 3380 system (see section 3-8).
9 Carry out the dockside setup
(see section 4).
10 Carry out the sea trials (see section 5).
If you are unsure where a part should be
installed, mount and wire the part temporarily,
without cutting holes in the boat. After the sea
trials have been completed, install and wire
the part permanently.
Power supply: The G-PILOT 3380 system
requires two power supplies, both nominally
12 V DC:
A heavy duty supply for the steering drive
A light duty supply for the G-PILOT 3380
system electronics and display unit; this
supply also powers any additional display
units and other instruments.
The power supplies require one or two
switches and fuses or circuit breakers (see
section 3-4).
Steering drive: The G-PILOT 3380 system can
power a hydraulic pump, constantly running
pump set, hydraulic linear drive or mechanical
drive rated at 12 V DC and up to 20 A.
Rudder linkage: To link rudder to rudder
feedback unit (see section 3-5).
For wiring, see Select Wire Table in section 3-4-2.
External beepers or lights (optional ):
The external output is switched to ground,
30 V DC and 250 mA maximum. If the beepers
and lights require more than 250 mA total, fit
a relay.
Other marine instruments (optional): Wind,
speed or GPS instruments can be connected
(see section 1-2).
Other parts: For systems of several
instruments, wiring and connectors are
required. Navman junction boxes can simplify
wiring several Navman instruments together
(see section 1-2 or the NavBus Installation and
Operation Manual).
Coupling connectors and 10 m (33 ft) extension
cables are available to extend the rudder
feedback unit, compass or gyro cables. Do not
fit more than one extension cable to each unit.
For more information, consult your
Navman dealer.
2-2 Other parts required
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