TE-1000 PUF 12 Operations Manual
1. Open shelter box and remove the Anodized Aluminum Shelter.
2. Inside of the shelter is the exhaust hose. Unwrap and insert end with
speed clamp on end of blower motor discharge. Tighten with a flat edge
screwdriver and put end of hose downwind of sampler.
3. Enclosed in the  x  x  box on the bottom of the shelter is the TE-
1002 Dual Sampling Module. Remove it from the box.
4. Take out the rubber plug that is in the quick disconnect on the top pan of
the shelter. Insert Dual Sampling Module and lock in place by pushing
rings down to seal tightly.
5. Take off the cover that is on top of the  filter holder. Turning motor on
with cover in place will damage motor.
6. Open lid box and remove 5001-10 roof.
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