TE-1000 PUF 16 Operations Manual
Calibration Procedure
Visit, www-tisch-env.com/calibration-worksheets, to download
calibration worksheets. The calibration worksheets allow the user to
input the data and automatically make the calculations. The manual
calculation method is described in the following sections for your
reference, however, it is highly recommended to download the
calibration worksheets.
Proceed with the following steps to begin the calibration:
1. Calibration of the PUF Sampler is performed without a foam plug (TE-1010)
or filter paper in the sampling module. However the empty glass cartridge
must remain in the module to insure a good seal through the module.
2. Install the TE-5040A Calibrator (orifice) on top of the 4" Filter Holder.
Tighten and make sure of no leaks.
3. Open both ports on top of manometer and connect tubing from manometer
port to the pressure tap on the TE-5040A Calibrator. Leave the opposite
side of manometer port open to the atmosphere.
4. Open ball valve fully (handle should be straight up), this is located inside of
shelter directly above the blower motor.
5. Turn the system on by tripping the manual switch on the timer. Allow a few
minutes for motor to warm-up.
6. Adjust and tighten the voltage control screw (variac) on the TE-5010 to
obtain a reading of 70 inches on the dial of the Magnehelic Gage (or 80
whatever is desired). Do not change until completion of calibration.
7. With 70 inches on the gage as your first calibration point, record this figure
and the orifice manometer reading on your data sheet. To read a
manometer one side goes up and one goes down, add both sides together,
this is your inches of water.
8. Close the ball valve slightly to readjust the dial gage down to 60 inches.
Record this figure and the orifice manometer reading on your data sheet.
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