TE-1000 PUF 24 Operations Manual
Unit Operation
1. The PUF Sampler may be operated at ground level or on roof tops. In urban
or congested areas, it is recommended that the sampler be placed on the roof
of a single story building. The sampler should be located in an unobstructed
area, at least two meters from any obstacle to air flow. The exhaust hose
should be stretched out in a down wind direction if possible.
2. The sampler should be operated for 24 hours in order to obtain average daily
levels of airborne pesticides.
3. On and off times and weather conditions during sampling periods should be
recorded. Air concentrations may fluctuate with time of day, temperature,
humidity, wind direction and velocity and other climatological conditions.
4. Magnehelic Gage readings should be taken at the beginning and end of each
sampling period to obtain an average magnehelic gage reading.
5. Blower motor brushes should be inspected frequently and replaced before
expending. An electrical source of 110 volts, 15 amps is required.
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