TE-1000 PUF 25 Operations Manual
Sampling Module
1. Release the three (3) swing bolts on the 4" filter holder (FH-2104) and
remove the triangle cover (cover must be off when sampler is "ON") and hold
down ring.
2. Install a clean 102mm dia. quartz fiber filter (TE-QMA4) on the support
screen in between the teflon gaskets and secure it with the hold down ring
and swing bolts.
3. Unscrew together the 4" filter holder and the sampling module cap leaving the
module tube in place with the glass cartridge exposed.
4. Load the glass cartridge with foam and or foam/granular solids and replace in
the module tube. Fasten the glass cartridge with the module cap and 4" filter
holder assembly while making sure that the module assembly, 4" filter holder
and all fittings are snug.
5. The glass cartridge and quartz fiber filter should be removed from the
sampler with forceps and clean gloved hands and immediately placed in a
sealed container for transport to the laboratory. Similar care should be taken
to prevent contamination of the filter paper and vapor trap (foam) when
loading the sampler.
6. It is recommended to have two (2) sampling modules (TE-1002) for each
sampling system so that filter and foam exchange can take place in the
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