TE-1000 PUF 26 Operations Manual
Two types of sampling media are recommended for use with the PUF Sampler:
polyurethane foams and granular solid sorbents. Foams may be used separately
or in combination with granular solids. The sorbent may be extracted and reused
(after drying) without unloading the cartridge.
1. Polyurethane Foam (PUF):
Part number TE-1010 three inch plug is recommended. Also available
are two inch (TE-1011) and one inch (TE-1012). This type of foam is
white and yellows on exposure to light. Color does not effect the
collection efficiency of the material.
2. Granular Solids
Porous (macroreticular) chromatography sorbents recommended.
Pore sizes and mesh sizes must be selected to permit air flow rates of
at least 200 liters/minute. Approximately 200 g of sorbent is
recommended. If too much sorbent is used, the sampler flow rate
may be affected. The granular solids may be sandwiched between two
layers of foam to prevent loss during sampling and extraction.
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