TE-1000 PUF 32 Operations Manual
5. With a screwdriver remove brush holder and release TE-33384 brushes.
6. With new TE-33384 brushes, carefully slide quick disconnect tabs firmly into
tab slot until seated.
7. Push brush carbon against commutator until plastic brush housing falls into
place on commutator end bracket.
8. Replace brush holder clamps onto brushes.
9. Assemble motor after brush replacement: snap plastic fan cover back into place,
feed ground wires back through backplate, put housing back on to motor, pull
cord set back to normal postion, (make sure wires do not get smashed
between metal ring and housing. fasten ground wires to backplate, turn
motor over, tighten flange on top of housing and gasket.
10. Replace motor mounting cover on top of motor making sure to center gasket.
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